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6 Jan 04


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The whole day I'm not at office for attending a very fruitable seminar.  Talking about National Seminar on Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic at  Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel is something I can say as a key factor enhancing our renewable energy resources development.  The seminar was organized by:-

  • Kementerian Teknologi Komuknikasi dan Multimedia (KTKM),
  • Malaysia Energy Centre (PTM) and
  • United Nation Development Programme (UNDP)

and supported by:-

  • The Electrical & electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM)
  • Business Council for Sustainable Development in Malaysia, BCSDM,
  • Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM)
  • The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM)
  • Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB)
  • Real Estate & Housting Developers Association (REHDA) and
  • Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM)


The Seminar involved participant from professional from government sector, Consultants, University lecturer, Engineers, Architects, Utilities personel, lan developers, communication and energy companies and finance providers.


Officially opened by Y.B. Datuk Amar Leo Moggie, Minister of Energy, Communication & Multimedia Malaysia, six papers were presented in the seminar. There were:

  1. BIPV: International Status & Future Direction Dr Stefan Novak, Chairman of IEA-PVPS
  2. Incorporating BIPV in Holistic Architecture Mr. Tjek Reijenga, BEAR Architekten (Dutch Architect Firm)
  3. National BIPV Perspective and outlook Mr. Ahmad Hadri Haris, Chief Technical Adviser, Pusat Tenaga Malaysia
  4. UNDP Perspective on BIPV Project Ms. Teoh Su Chin, Programme Manager, United Nation Development Programme
  5. National UNDP-GEF Project on BIPV Mr. Daniel Ruoss, International Consultant, Pusat Tenaga Malaysia
  6. Utility Perspective on BIPV Mr. Flemming Kristensen, Energimidst (Danish Power Utility)


Here, I wouldnt elaborate every detail all the working papers but a like to share with you on What is BIPV?


BIPV is Building Integrated Photovoltaics.  BIPV presents the largest growing market in the Renewable Energy sector, with an annual growth of more than 30% world-wide.  PV is becoming a multi-functional element in the building, an integral part of the building architecture.  The system are mainly grid-connected or serving a dedicated load.


In this century, BIPV as decentralized power generators, will contribute substantially to the mainstream power production.  The use of synergy is the target for BIPV.  Benefits like reduced cooling load thanks to shading application, or protection of building skin are improving the economics of the technology. END